Access Floors


In the networked office, people, equipment and furniture are constantly being moved. That means moving access floor panels and carpet tiles. This can be a time consuming, labor intensive process.

Access is easy and quick, panels can be removed simply without disturbing other panels or carpet.

What are ESD Access Floors:

Access floors, a raised floor (also raised flooring), is a type of floor used in office buildings (such as IT data centers) with a high requirement for servicing to carry cables, wiring, electrical supply, and sometimes air conditioning or chilled water pipes. Additional structural support and lighting are often provided when a floor is raised enough for a person to crawl or even walk beneath.

This type of floor consists of a gridded metal framework or understructure of adjustable-height legs (called "pedestals") that provide support for individual floor panels, which are usually 2×2 feet or 60×60cm in size. The height of the legs/pedestals is dictated by the volume of cables and other services provided beneath, but typically arranged for a clearance of at least six inches or 15cm.

The panels are normally made of steel-clad particleboard or a steel panel with a cementitious internal core. There are a variety of flooring finishes to suit the application such as carpets, high-pressure laminates, marble, stone, and antistatic finishes for use in computer rooms and laboratories.

Ideal for:

  • Networked Offices
  • Electronics Labs
  • 911 Call Centers
  • Clean Rooms
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Flight Control Towers
  • Data Centers

Access Floor Features:

  • Easy and flexible under floor access
  • Superior Static Protection
  • Meets ANSI/ESD S.20.20
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Efficient
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Improved Wire Management

Access Floor Covering Options:ESD Access Floor Options

Staticworx Carpets are engineered to permit fast and easy under floor access without the hassle of peeling up several carpet tiles, for total flexibility with workstations. Offering maximum flexibility in the office environment, without the use of adhesives, our carpet is designed to cover a Tate ConCore® access floor panel in a perfect on-to-one match. Modular carpet tile designed specifically for use with Tate Concore access panels in mission critical applications, features ultrasonically welded buttons on the underside of the tile, providing precise indexed alignment with the four matching indentations found only on Tate Concore access floor panels.

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