Anti Static Flooring

Taking The Mystery Out Of Selecting ESD Flooring

Often, the most challenging and anxiety-inducing decisions buyers encounter in the course of creating a world-class electrostatic discharge (ESD) program involve the selection of the ESD floor. Unlike other components in the program, the installation of static control flooring represents a permanent capital investment, with costs of 1 1/2 to 2 times those of a standard non-ESD floor.Read more

Dispatch Center Stays Grounded With New Equipment and Staticworx Anti Static Flooring

The job of police departments is to serve and protect. In their emergency dispatch centers, staff must be prepared 24/7, responding to situations that may threaten lives in the community. But what personnel are typically not prepared for is how to deal with the "invisible threat" of electrostatic discharge (ESD). More and more, police communications centers are discovering that the need for protection also extends to the installation of the right anti-static flooring to keep work sites safe.Read more

Why you need to certify the installation

WATERTOWN, MA— In an effort to help facilities protect their employees and electronic equipment through flooring that meets electrical safety standards, Staticworx Inc., North America’s largest manufacturer of static-control flooring products and services, has launched a GroundSafe™ Initiative.

Professionals from Staticworx will present Certificates of Compliance to companies that demonstrate they are protecting their worksites on three levels: electrical safety, static control performance, and environmental health.Read more

Managing Static, The Invisible Threat To Call Centers

Designers of mission critical spaces such as 911 call centers, mission control command centers and flight control towers routinely design their spaces to withstand external threats-weather, power outages, earthquakes and, in some cases, even biological threats. While clearly all of these external threats must be addressed, an invisible threat, inside the call center, is sometimes overlooked. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can wreak havoc inside the mission-critical command center.Read more

Data Center Flooring How To Make The Right Choice For Your Data Center

Consider Flooring Type

There are several common types of data center flooring. Aluminum flooring is poured into a mold and then ground and milled to precise 2- x 2-foot panels. This type is usually used in cleanrooms or medical applications where the particulate count must be minimal. Steel panels with a laminate on the surface are common in data centers that have more strict structural load-bearing requirements.
Read more

Cleanroom ESD Flooring Installation

Many facilities planners, concerned about contamination or potential scheduling delays, once dismissed the thought of installing electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe tile in operational clean spaces. Rather than risk tearing their buildings apart and losing valuable production time, many companies chose alternative methods to ESD flooring to be ANSI/ESD S20.20-1999 compliant. ESD industry control practices may include the combination of wrist straps, grounding cords, floor mats and “Faraday Cage” material handling protocols.Read more

ESD Epoxy Case Study

GroundWorx EC ESD Epoxy combines permanent conductivity, durability and value for applications requiring an inexpensive, easily installed ESD floor coating.

Despite its low cost, GroundWorx EC meets or exceeds all the recommended guidelines for static control flooring in ANSI/ESD S20.20. It's an ideal ESD floor solution for leased spaces for one-third the price, GroundWorx EC provides the same ESD properties as much more expensive ESD epoxy coatings like Garland or Stonhard.Read more

Why Most Static Programs Fail

For many years, electronics companies have invested in static-preventive wrist straps, bins, bags, table mats, and ionizers—all in the hopes of eliminating electrostatic discharge.

What did these firms get for their money?

Some organizations realized immediate improvements—both in yield and in reduction of field returns. Others simply found an ESD program necessary for successful solicitation and retention of contracts. Many are not sure just what they got and worse, why they got it.Read more

Bye to static cling, hello ESD flooring

The static cling or a shock after the simple slide of an office chair may be more serious than one may think.

Even the smallest electrostatic discharge (ESD), under 25 volts (it takes 3,500 volts to give humans a shock), can render copy machines, computers, medical, and communications equipment inoperative.Read more

ESD Standards


Our company currently adheres to the same ESD standards as the ones you recommend on your website: The total system resistance of the person, footwear, walking surface and ground must be less than or equal to 3.5 x 107 or 35 meg-ohms maximum.

However, at a recent ESD conference, attendees were told that an ESD floor can have a maximum resistance of 1Ghom (1 billion ohms), as long as the voltage generated in the walking test does not exceed 100V.Read more

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