ESD Epoxy Case Study

GroundWorx EC ESD Epoxy combines permanent conductivity, durability and value for applications requiring an inexpensive, easily installed ESD floor coating.

Despite its low cost, GroundWorx EC meets or exceeds all the recommended guidelines for static control flooring in ANSI/ESD S20.20. It's an ideal ESD floor solution for leased spaces for one-third the price, GroundWorx EC provides the same ESD properties as much more expensive ESD epoxy coatings like Garland or Stonhard. GroundWorx EC floors are durable, attractive and they can be applied over most flooring materials including concrete, wood and old tile. The most impressive aspect of GroundWorx EC is the ease of application. It's as simple to install as conductive acrylic paint but it also provides the durability you expect from permanent ESD floors. 

GroundWorx EC is a two part ESD epoxy coating that can be applied by both novices and professionals. Many of our clients actually apply their GroundWorx EC ESD floor themselves. GroundWorx EC is extremely easy to repair; it's ideal for challenging applications like warehouses and fork lift applications like shipping/receiving areas. GroundWorx EC installs for less than $1.00 per square foot but with minor maintenance it will look as attractive as ESD floors and epoxy that cost 3 to five times more. It can even be cleaned and shined using Staticworx™ maintenance products.


  • 2 component water based epoxy
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Permanent ESD properties
  • Can be installed in occupied areas
  • Fast curing for quick turn-around
  • No installation skills needed
  • Costs less than 1 dollar per square foot
  • Easily repaired and inexpensive to maintain
  • Ideal for warehouses and abusive applications
  • Tough as polyurethanes and expensive ESD epoxies
  • Puts conductive acrylic paints to shame
  • Attractive glossy finish and colors
  • Ideal for areas with motorized traffic
  • Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20
  • Millions of paths to ground
  • Seamless

Typical Applications Include:

  • Clean Rooms
  • Automated Assembly Areas
  • Computer Control Rooms
  • Electronic Assembly Areas
  • Automated Guided Vehicle Areas
  • Electronic Manufacturing Plants
  • Powdered Product Plants
  • Pyrotechnic Processing Areas
  • Storage Areas

GroundWorx EC Application and Maintenance

Staticworx® ESD Epoxy Flooring installed in a manufacturing environment.New concrete floors should be allowed to cure a minimum of thirty days. Application to floors colder than 60 F is not recommended. Floor surfaces must be free of any release agents, curing compounds, salts or efflorescence before coating. Sweep and then wash floors with an appropriate cleaning product to remove oil, grease, and soil. Follow by etching surface with an etching solution, then thoroughly rinse with clean water.

If floor has been previously coated, a small area should be cleaned, roughed up by screen disking with an 80 grit screen, and then sealer applied to test for adhesion, lifting, etc. Any areas of the existing coating which display poor adhesion should be stripped. Wash the stripped areas, acid etch, and rinse thoroughly. Allow the floor to dry.

Catalyzed GroundWorx EC should be used within six hours of mixing, therefore, prepare only the quantity necessary for immediate use. Add premeasured catalyst to epoxy base. Stir gently until the catalyst has been thoroughly mixed in. Allow catalyzed GroundWorx EC to stand for 5 minutes.

Apply catalyzed GroundWorx EC with a short nap roller in thin, uniform coats. The initial coat will cover approximately 400-500 sq ft per gallon. Allow the initial coat to dry for 5-7 hours, then apply a second coat. Second coat coverage is approximately 500-600 sq ft per gallon.

NOTE: This product is not recommended for applications that experience reoccurring standing water. Finished floors may be opened to light traffic, under normal curing conditions, after 12 hours. Complete curing with maximum durability and chemical resistance will take 5-7 days.

  • Surface resistance: 1.0 x 106 €“ 1.0 x 109
  • Body Voltage Decay: 0.02 seconds

*Epoxy Materials are a non-returnable item.
**Staticworx® is not responsible for joint repair after installation of epoxy.