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ESD Floors: Taking Charge of ESD on the Manufacturing Floor

Control of ESD is an important part of the manufacturing process for any electronics company, but prevention of static is considered by many to be an even more effective method to protect products from ESD damage.Tellabs Operations, a manufacturer of telecommunications products, advocates static prevention—not just because of the return on investment (ROI), but also because it keeps them competitive in a very tough business.And competitive they are. A recent issue of Business Week Magazine reviewed ...
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ESD Floors 101 for Beginners

As static-sensitive electronic components grow more sophisticated, so do consumers of ESD flooring. Here are some key points to consider when helping your clients choose ESD/antistatic flooring and tile for labs, hospitals, electronics manufacturing and mission-critical spaces.As electronic components become faster and more sensitive to electrical interference, the need for static control has grown exponentially, particularly into technology reliant spaces like banks, data centers, power plants, flight towers and mission-critical 911 call centers, where the loss or corruption ...
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kV and ESD Sensitivity

Late Model electronics are sensitive to static discharges of 2.0 kV. That means, the energy in a 2.0 V discharge will not interfere with the signals of older-model computers or PCs.Today's faster, less robust chips are sensitive to charges as low as 100 volts. Within the next few years, most experts in the semiconductor industry predict that ESD sensitivity will drop to 25 volts. A kV rating measures the amount of static generated by the carpet and passed ...
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Can ESD tile be installed over old vinyl tile?

The biggest budget buster in any ESD flooring project is unexpected floor preparation costs—or any cost above the price of the material, adhesive and labor.Most project managers lose sleep just thinking about floor preparation. And no wonder: Since you can’t see what’s under the existing floor, you never know the full extent of what needs to be done until the old floor has been removed. Worse, the removal process itself is destructive, often causing additional ...
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Facilities Manager's Guide To ESD Flooring Materials

Many facilities managers agonize unnecessarily while attempting to choose the “right” ESD flooring for their corporate environments. Because most high tech businesses house multiple processes, each with its own individual flooring requirement, satisfying every department can be a daunting, thankless challenge. Further frustrated by conflicting ESD specifications as well as the plethora of propaganda from static control flooring manufacturers, facilities managers sometimes defer to the choice of a selection committee or else they invest countless hours of valuable ...
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Choose the Right ESD Flooring

Application by Usage Area ESD Carpet Tile ESD Carpet (Broadloom) ESD Vinyl Tile (Conductive) ESD Epoxy ESD Rubber (Conductive) LAN SDT  Vinyl Tile (Dissipative)HR = Highly Recommended • R = Recommended • NR = Not Recommended Mission Critical  Data Centers HR NR HR NR HR N/A NR Electronics Manufacturing  ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 Use  Conductors™ line of ESD  Carpet Tile NR HR HR, R, NR (Check Body  Voltage Properties) HR N/A NR Offices Inside Electronics  Manufacturing or Testing ...
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DOD Contractor’s Safety Manual for Ammunition and Explosives

DoD 4145.26-MMarch 13, 2008UNDER SECRETARY OF DEFENSE  FOR ACQUISITION, TECHNOLOGY, AND LOGISTICSC6.4. STATIC ELECTRICITY AND GROUNDINGC6.4.1. Static Electricity. Two unlike materials (at least one of which is non-conductive) produce static electricity due to contact and separation. Contact creates a redistribution of charge across the area of contact and establishes an attractive force. Separation of the materials overcomes these attractive forces and sets up an electrostatic field between the two surfaces. If no conducting path is ...
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Procedures For The Design, Analysis And Auditing Of Static Control Flooring/Footwear Systems

Stephen L. Fowler Fowler Associates, 3551 Moore-Duncan Hwy, Moore, SC 29369 Tel: 864-574-6415, FAX: 864-576-4992William G. Klein K&S Laboratories, 2026 Bay Rd., Stoughton, MA 02072 Tel: 617-341-8331, FAX: 617-341-8331Larry FrommHewlett Packard, 1501 Page Mill Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94304Abstract It is the purpose of this paper to show that the electrostatic performance of footwear/flooring systems, defined as the electrostatic potential of personnel arising out of the use of these systems, can be predicted with adequate precision based ...
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ESD The Invisible Threat To Data Centers and Mission Critical Operations

Designers of 24/7/365 mission critical spaces such as data centers, 911 call centers, command centers, server rooms and flight control towers routinely design their spaces to withstand external threats such as weather, power outages, earthquakes and, in some cases, even biological threats. An invisible internal threat that is sometimes overlooked, electrostatic discharge (ESD) can wreak havoc inside any mission-critical space. Dropped calls, blown headsets, PC lockup and lost or corrupted data represent just a few of the problems. ...
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How does conductive tile work?

Static conductive tile attracts and routes static electricity charges away from valuable electronic equipment. Pathways in the tile drain the charge through it, into conductive adhesive, and on into copper stripping where the charge dissipates to ground.Why is static conductive tile essential?In today’s high-tech world, all sectors (healthcare, education, public safety and business) are dependent on electronics. Static is created every time two things rub together, and influences accuracy. It can also severely damage electronics ...
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