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Seven typical mistakes you can avoid when selecting an ESD Floor

According to the Sematech Roadmap for Semiconductors (, the continued scaling of tiny, lightening-quick electronic devices has, and will continue to, generate significant challenges for designers and, by extension, users of next generation semiconductors. Many of these challenges will involve the need for stringent static control procedures from wafer fabrication facilities all the way through to computer rooms and any space where electronic devices are handled, stored or used....
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The Safety Zone

ESD Grade Carpet Tile Can be Too Conductive for Mission Critical SpacesI was recently hired by a client to perform resistance measurements on some previously installed ESD grade carpet tile. This particular carpet tile was 3 years old. It was made with 44 denier conductive fibers inserted into every yarn bundle and backed with a black recycled PVC-free conductive thermoplastic. In the process of making the tests I received a painful electrical shock that caused muscle cramping in my ...
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Choosing the Right ESD Floor for Laboratory and Technical Environments

Between 1978 and 1982, G. T. Dangelmayer, AT&T, conducted factory studies which documented dramatically different yields between side-by-side identical circuit board assembly lines with only one variable: during two year long, with-in plant studies, assembly lines equipped with personnel grounding devices and dissipative table mats produced significantly better yields than lines that did not utilize any grounding procedures. Of greater import, AT&T also noted statistically relevant correlations between compliance with ESD grounding procedures and overall ...
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Difference Between Low kv vs. ESD Carpet

ShadowFX static dissipative carpet fibers are woven around the carpet weaveIn typical "low KV" computer-grade carpet, the antistatic bi-component is insulated inside the yarn and lacks contact points, compromising performance.ShadowFX® static dissipative modular carpet fibers are woven into the yarn bundle, creating at least 100 contact points per square inch. These provide a fast path to ground, quickly and effectively removing static charges. ShadowFX modular carpet tiles are available in many colors.ShadowFX Carpet Tile ...
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Buying ESD Flooring on the Internet: How to Protect Yourself

Every marketplace presents would-be buyers with landmines that need to be avoided, so why should ESD flooring be any different? The Internet may be a great resource, and it may offer an opportunity to save money on a new ESD floor. Indeed, at a time when we often buy goods and services without ever meeting the supplier, buyers still need to perform a certain amount of due diligence before clicking the Send button and spending thousands of dollars.Let&...
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Managing Static-The Invisible Threat To Data Centers

Random static discharge will wreak havoc inside your data or call center causing lost or corrupted data, dropped calls, pc lockup and blown headsets. Designers of 24/7/365 mission critical spaces such as data centers, 911 call centers, command centers, server rooms and flight control towers routinely design their spaces to withstand external threats such as weather, power outages, earthquakes and, in some cases, even biological threats. An invisible internal threat that is sometimes overlooked, electrostatic discharge (ESD) can wreak ...
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Dispatch Center Stays Grounded With New Equipment and Staticworx Anti Static Flooring

The job of police departments is to serve and protect. In their emergency dispatch centers, staff must be prepared 24/7, responding to situations that may threaten lives in the community. But what personnel are typically not prepared for is how to deal with the "invisible threat" of electrostatic discharge (ESD). More and more, police communications centers are discovering that the need for protection also extends to the installation of the right anti-static flooring to keep work sites safe....
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Taking The Mystery Out Of Selecting ESD Flooring

Often, the most challenging and anxiety-inducing decisions buyers encounter in the course of creating a world-class electrostatic discharge (ESD) program involve the selection of the ESD floor. Unlike other components in the program, the installation of static control flooring represents a permanent capital investment, with costs of 1 1/2 to 2 times those of a standard non-ESD floor. Because the static control floor affects every aspect of the organization—from performance to image—in most cases, finding ...
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Anti Static Flooring for Public Safety Emergency Communications Applications: Which Resistance Range is Correct – Static Dissipative or Conductive?

Which ohms resistance rating is correct for grounded static control flooring used in end user operational* equipment, communication and data storage environments? This is a question that many have found difficult to answer.Much of the confusion has been caused by the misapplication of ESD flooring standards as utilized in ESD protected areas (also known as EPAs) by the electronics manufacturing and explosives handling industries. Other industries, such as telecommunications and data centers, adher to their own principles of ...
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