Value Engineer Your Static ESD Tile Purchase

Whether you’re looking for conductive tile or static dissipative SDT, Staticworx® can help you value engineer any ESD flooring project. Unlike VPI Statmate or Conductile Static Control Floor Tile, Staticworx® does not sell through multiple tiers of distributors and regional sales organizations; we sell direct to the contractor. That means we can save you up to 40% on tile and conductive adhesive. As a US manufacturer, Staticworx® can even help you meet your buy American requirements for government and military anti static flooring installations. Contact us today so we can bid your project through an installation partner in your area.

Value engineer ESD Floors with Staticworx® Conductive and Anti Static Flooring and find out what major global players like BAE, Philips Medical, Goodrich, Rockwell, Teradyne and Research in Motion already know.

  • Meet Buy America for Government and Military Projects
  • Meet ANSI/ESD S.20.20
  • Get a Lifetime warranty on Static Control Floors
  • Deal with the best flooring contractors in America
  • Receive a full ESD Certification
  • Meet Sustainability initiatives
  • Eliminate middlemen
  • East and West Coast warehouses save you money on shipping

Most common questions asked about how to value engineer the use and installation of ESD / static control flooring

My company has a standard VCT floor and they have put a curb on all capital spending. How can we inexpensively meet the flooring requirements of ansi/esd s20.20-2007?
- Josh, Atlanta Georgia

It really depends on how much work you are willing to do. For example, you can temporarily convert any ordinary VCT floor (vinyl composition tile) floor into an ESD floor by instituting a maintenance program utilizing Staticworx® zinc-free floor finish (Coat). Keep in mind, this strategy should only be implemented in combination with periodic resistance and body voltage testing; static dissipative floor finishes lose effectiveness over time and it is not possible to determine if they are working simply by looking at the floor.

Three applications of Staticworx® coat will protect your facility from human body voltages exceeding  100 volts on people wearing static control footwear. (100 volts is the maximum voltage allowed in ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007) However, you need to periodically monitor the voltage generation and resistive properties of the coated floor to ensure that the anti static flooring properties do not diminish. This should be done with an ohm meter. Careful record keeping will allow you to see trends and forecast future reapplications of our floor finish. Although floor finishes are not the ideal solution to static control flooring problems, their use could allow you to meet ANSI ESD standards while you wait for your budget to open up and fund a permanent static control flooring solution.

Another potential solution is applying Groundworx thin mil epoxy to your old floor. Groundworx is a low cost 2 part esd coating with permanent static control properties. Groundworx can be applied to VCT, VAT as well as wood, old epoxy, urethane and many other surfaces.

My company installed ESD carpet tiles in our SMT manufacturing area several years ago. Even though this carpet still meets our ESD specification, it has become a eyesore in several high profile areas. Management has asked me to investigate a strategic replacement for the damaged areas. We can’t afford to replace the entire static control carpet installation right now. What do you suggest?
- Shane, Madison, Wisconsin

Depending upon the size of your damaged carpet tiles you may want to consider replacing worn, “ugied out” carpet tiles with our ¼” thick Staticworx® GridLock ESD tiles. Staticworx® GridLock tiles are the same modular size (24” by 24”) as other static control and mission critical static products produced by Shaw and UTP.

Conductive Staticworx® GridLock tiles are easy to install. They can be dropped right into the space vacated by 24” ESD carpet tiles without  even changing the adhesive. They’ll fit one to one and they lay flat with or without adhesive (you will need some old adhesive residue for continuity). The super thick Staticworx® GridLock tiles do not require any transition because they are the same thickness as carpet tiles.  And, when you decide to change out the floor, you will be able to reuse the Staticworx® GridLock tiles. The original shine can even be restored using a buffing machine in combination with a buffing compound.

Can ESD floors be installed over old tile? 
- Ed, Dallas, Texas

Removal of old floors can be a budget buster. For starters, it’s nearly impossible to anticipate the cost of repairs from the removal of an old tile floor. The old tile could contain a small percentage of asbestos which would require expensive remediation. The concrete could be damaged during removal. Old patching or underlayment may delaminate and require replacement. It is even possible to compromise a pre-existing moisture vapor barrier simply by pulling up old tiles. These are all good reasons to evaluate leaving the old floor in place and covering it with new static control flooring.

Almost any Staticworx® ESD floor can be installed over old flooring as long as the old floor is well bonded and in reasonably good condition. However, before jumping into any installation strategy we strongly recommend contacting a professional. If you can’t locate one, contact Staticworx® and we will help you make an educated determination.

Some floors are much easier and less risky to install over old floors. Vinyl, for example, can be installed over any existing vinyl - VCT or VAT. However, vinyl is hard and unforgiving—it could delaminate if the adhesive doesn’t immediately hold the tile when it is first installed; To avoid this problem, we recommend either GroundTack pressure sensitive adhesive or our dry membrane adhesive for vinyl over vinyl installations. Both of these adhesives provide excellent bonds despite cracks or dimples in the old floor.

Our ShadowFX carpet tiles are an excellent choice for installation over old vinyl or epoxy flooring. They conform to pitted, irregular surfaces and the conductive release adhesive bonds extremely well to old vinyl and epoxy. Many installers actually prefer installing carpet tiles over old vinyl because carpet’s lack of reflectivity hides the irregularities of the surface below.

Another popular solution is applying Groundworx thin mil epoxy flooring directly over old tile. In liquid form, Groundworx has a slightly acidic pH, enabling it to bond to almost any flat surface. Groundworx can be installed over almost any surface for as little as $.50 per square foot. And like ShadowFX carpet or Staticworx® ESD tile, Groundworx is a permanent ESD flooring option.