Why you need to certify the installation

WATERTOWN, MA— In an effort to help facilities protect their employees and electronic equipment through flooring that meets electrical safety standards, Staticworx Inc., North America’s largest manufacturer of static-control flooring products and services, has launched a GroundSafe™ Initiative.

Professionals from Staticworx will present Certificates of Compliance to companies that demonstrate they are protecting their worksites on three levels: electrical safety, static control performance, and environmental health.

"We have found that static-control safety issues are often neglected, and too many companies suffer the consequences of incorrect flooring choices after it’s too late,” says Dave Long, President & CEO of Staticworx. “Anti-static flooring is often installed without checking for industry standard safety protocols. The problem is especially dramatic in mission-critical environments where energized computer equipment is in operation.”

In terms of personal safety, flooring such as overly conductive ESD (electrostatic discharge) grade carpet tile can result in painful shocks if there were ever a short circuit in the electrical system. These liabilities can be avoided through proper carpet design and verification testing the finished installation with a Meg-OHM meter and a circuit Ground Tester.

Non-compliant ESD flooring can also cause damage to electronic parts, critical communication and software errors, even fires and explosions; it can also jeopardize productivity and cut into profits. To prevent this, companies must meet the following specifications: ANSI/ESD S20-20-2007, NFPA 99, FAA-STD-019, and DOD Manual 4145.26-M.

Sustainable, low-VOC, anti-static flooring prevents the introduction of harmful plasticizers and other volatile compounds into the work place. Companies can determine the health risks some floors might present by reviewing the requirements of the California 1350 Indoor Air Quality Certification and purchasing flooring that contains no heavy metals or compounds that have been linked to cancer like DOP and DEHP plasticizers.

Long believes that no one else in the industry is providing this service because they don’t have expert professionals who take the time to visit and certify facilities.

According to Long, Staticworx tests for safety and performance parameters during and after manufacturing. Then it will perform an ESD Flooring Safety Audit to see if facilities meet industry standards. If facilities pass the test, they will receive a Certificate of Compliance demonstrating that they are GroundSafe™. “

ESD is an invisible threat, and many users of ESD flooring are not aware of electrical safety issues with flooring that is too conductive,” says Stephen Fowler , President of Fowler Associates and Publisher of the ESD Journal. “Electrical flooring audits uncover safety liabilities that are usually invisible to the business owner. The GroundSafe™ program offered by Staticworx will serve as an incentive for companies to proactively eliminate safety risks and maximize the performance of their flooring investment. Why take a chance when it comes to safety?”

Staticworx, Inc. is North America’s largest manufacturer of electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring products that protect work sites with customized, static-free solutions. Based in Watertown, Mass., Staticworx has warehouses on both coasts and is factory-direct. Comprehensive flooring options include rubber, vinyl tile, carpet, epoxy, and adhesives. All products meet international standards, are environmentally friendly, and come with lifetime warranties. Start-to-finish services include ongoing access to technical support. Known as problem-solvers and educators, Staticworx streamlines the supply chain, working directly with contractors and end-users to provide accountability. The company has won many industry accolades and has served thousands of customers with experience that spans 35 years. For more information, visit www.staticworx.com.