VCT (wax-required) tile vs. ESD (no-wax) tile: lifetime cost vs. which has greater anti static qualities

The short answer is, yes, The maintenance cost associated with ESD wax quickly accummulates negating any money saved on the original VCT. Conversely, Staticworx Vinyl Tiles (Ameriworx and Foundation) are both economical and low-maintenance.

You may want to add a technical argument in addition to your concerns about maintenance. I assume you will be trying to meet ANSI/ESD standards. The recommendations for flooring in ANSI/ESD S20/20-2007 require a system resistance below 35 meg-ohms. System resistance is the aggregate resistance of the person, footwear, flooring and connection to ground. If ESD wax were used as the primary ESD flooring surface, it would mean that the wax would need to measure well below 35 meg-ohms (< 3.5 X 10E6 ) at all times. Manufacturers of ESD wax always specify the wax will measure as high as 1billion ohms – almost 2 orders of magnitude over the recommended limits for ANSI/ESD S202.0 system resistance.

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