What is the best static free flooring for a dispatch room / command center?

Static-free carpet tile will certainly meet the ergonomic parameters you have outlined. However, carpet tile is not a low maintenance panacea.

Since you specifically asked for an easily cleaned, low maintenance, sound absorbing floor, you may want to also consider using resilient rubber flooring . Unlike carpet tile, rubber does not retain soil and odors and requires only a mop to clean.

  • Sound absorption: Rubber absorbs approximately the same number of decibels as carpet.
  • Maintenance:Rubber flooring is cleaned with simple damp mopping. It never requires wax of any kind and, unlike carpet, it never exhibits a wear pattern from chair castors and traffic. Carpet tile requires daily vacuuming and bi-yearly steam cleaning. Depending upon the level activity in your dispatch area, this carpet maintenance could be disruptive.
  • Warranty: Most carpet tile and rubber anti static floors have lifetime static control warranties.
  • Odor Free Installation: Rubber sheet flooring can be installed with a zero odor dry adhesive like StaticFix. This means that you can resume use of the room immediately. Carpet tile can be installed using low odor conductive release adhesive; as with the rubber, the floor can be used immediately.