One Hundred Megohms

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"One Hundred Meg" equals one hundred million ohms or 1.0 x 108. The exponent, 8, refers to eight zeros after the 1. Staticworx® recommends this electrical resistance measurement as the maximum acceptable level for an ESD carpet specification.

(Note: Many ESD flooring manufacturers will recommend electrical resistance measurements as high as 1.0 x 109, (1 Billion ohms or "One Thousand Meg"). However, Staticworx® feels that the gap between 100 million ohms to a 1 billion ohms is too large, (900 million ohms), of a jump in electrical resistance. If the material's electrical resistance happens to deteriorate over time, beginning at 1.0 x 109, it may not provide adequate ESD protection over a long period of time.)

"One Meg" equals 1 million ohms or 1.0 x 106. The exponent, 6, refers to the number of zeros after the 1. This measure is generally considered the maximum electrical resistance level for a conductive flooring specification.