ESD Flooring Installation Issues

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Cleanrooms and Labs

Many facilities planners, concerned about contamination or potential scheduling delays, once dismissed the thought of installing electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe tile in operational clean spaces. Rather than risk tearing their buildings apart and losing valuable production time, many companies chose alternative methods to ESD flooring to be ANSI/ESD S20.20-1999 compliant. ESD industry control practices may include the combination of wrist straps, grounding cords, floor mats and “Faraday Cage” material handling protocols. Until recently, installing a new ESD ...
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Value Engineer Your Static ESD Tile Purchase

Whether you’re looking for conductive tile or static dissipative SDT, Staticworx® can help you value engineer any ESD flooring project. Unlike VPI Statmate or Conductile Static Control Floor Tile, Staticworx® does not sell through multiple tiers of distributors and regional sales organizations; we sell direct to the contractor. That means we can save you up to 40% on tile and conductive adhesive. As a US manufacturer, Staticworx® can even help you meet your buy American requirements for government ...
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Can ESD tile be installed over old vinyl tile?

The biggest budget buster in any ESD flooring project is unexpected floor preparation costs—or any cost above the price of the material, adhesive and labor.Most project managers lose sleep just thinking about floor preparation. And no wonder: Since you can’t see what’s under the existing floor, you never know the full extent of what needs to be done until the old floor has been removed. Worse, the removal process itself is destructive, often causing additional ...
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Can new floors be installed over old?

This is one of those questions that should be answered only by a qualified flooring professional, based upon either a site inspection or a lengthy conversation. Almost any floor can be installed over an old floor as long as the old floor is in good condition and well-bonded to the sub floor. Some floors are much easier and less risky to install over old floors. Vinyl, for example, can be installed over existing vinyl. However, vinyl is stiff and ...
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Foundation™ and Ameriworx™ Series Vinyl Tile: Installation Guidelines

Handling and StorageMaterial ChecklistCheck deliveries for compliance with orders.Do not mix different batches of a color within the same area.StaticWorx flooring products, all adhesives, and accessories must be site conditioned at room temperature for two (2) days prior to installation.  Temperature shall be 68°F + 5°F and maintained for 48 hours before installation, during installation, and 72 hours after installation.Store off ground in a weather-tight enclosure.Do not stack pallets.StaticWorx flooring tiles ...
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Don't Let Moisture Ruin Your ESD Flooring Installation

Yesterday I was contacted by a client who wanted my opinion about a small company's new inexpensive system that would eliminate moisture vapor problems in concrete. The client was excited because his facility has a major vapor emission problem in the concrete floor. Measurements using Test Method ASTM F2170 had determined concrete humidity levels in excess of 90% all over the facility. These measurements are quite high; Essentially these numbers equate to a near 100% probability that any ...
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Bubbles in Flooring: Scenarios and Causes

Staticworx staff recently fielded a call from an installer who was encountering bubbles in a flooring installation. Here's an outline of problems and causes that might help others.Scenario #1: No Adhesive Bond to ConcreteFindingsThe bubble has been cut open to reveal that the adhesive did not bond to the concrete. Adhesive is on the back of the flooring but there is little to none on the surface of the concrete.Cause(s)Contamination of the concrete or moisture may ...
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