Can new floors be installed over old?

This is one of those questions that should be answered only by a qualified flooring professional, based upon either a site inspection or a lengthy conversation. Almost any floor can be installed over an old floor as long as the old floor is in good condition and well-bonded to the sub floor. Some floors are much easier and less risky to install over old floors. Vinyl, for example, can be installed over existing vinyl. However, vinyl is stiff and unforgiving—it could delaminate if the adhesive does not cure well or if the surface is slightly uneven. The possibility of failure is much greater installing vinyl over vinyl than it would be if ESD carpet were installed over old vinyl. Carpet tiles are flexible and the release adhesive bonds extremely well to old vinyl and epoxy. Many installers prefer installing carpet tiles over old vinyl rather than over new concrete. Often, the choice of installing over old floors involves a decision to avoid removing old vinyl because it contains asbestos and the cost of removal might be a budget buster.