ESD Conductive Adhesives

Without conductive adhesives, ESD tiles would have no place to discharge unwanted static charges; every tile would be like an isolated island – charges would be stuck on individual tiles with no place to go. Staticworx® conductive adhesives enable an ESD floor to do its job by conducting static electricity back to the earth.

Conductive adhesives act as a ground plane, providing electrical continuity between every ESD tile in a room. They don’t just hold the floor in place; they pull static away form the tile surface. That’s because electricity flows to the path of least resistance. So when static charges contact the top of the floor, they dissipate through the floor to the conductive adhesive ground plane and on to ground – safely and effectively. Conductive adhesives are the path of least resistance.

Old Way of installing ESD floorsThe OLD Way of Installing Broadloom and other ESD FloorsGrounding a Staticworx® floor is straight forward and easy. Our adhesives eliminate the need for expensive copper equipotential grounding grids of the past; the conductive adhesive is linked to ground with copper connector strips. The strips can be attached to electrical conduit, building steel or a dedicated grounding bar. Copper ground connectors are 24” long and are supplied with every Staticworx® flooring shipment. Only one connection is necessary for every 1000 square feet of contiguous ESD flooring.

Conductive Adhesive Options

Choose from the menu below to find the appropriate conductive adhesive for ESD flooring:

Adhesive Options ESD Carpet Tile ESD Vinyl Tile ESD EC Rubber Rubber Static Dissipative Tiles and Sheet EC Rubber Sheet ESD Vinyl Sheet
GroundTack Conductive Adhesive** Yes Yes Yes No Yes* Yes
Statbond™ Counductive Adhesive, 1 Part Acrylic** No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Non Conductive, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive No No No No Yes Yes
Conductive, 2-Part Epoxy Adhesive No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dry, Conductive Adhesive 
(available in rolls)
Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Staticfix, flooring installation tape (adhesive alterative), available in rolls Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Contact Staticworx for specific details at 617-923-2000.
**Available for immediate shipment

Available in 1-gallon and 4-gallon pails, Groundtack and Statbond ESD, Conductive Adhesives can be ordered directly from Staticworx.

Understanding Moisture and Adhesives

Moisture Test KitYou need to understand moisture vapor testing before installing any static control flooring adhesives on new or old concrete. Be sure to test your concrete for moisture. Order a Moisture Test Kit, also known as a Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Moisture Test Kit, from Staticworx for $14.00 + shipping.