Vinyl Tile

An ideal option for facilities managers looking for that hospital look of cleanliness and shine. Tough and durable, with an attractive hard surface and antifatigue backing, Staticworx® esd vinyl tiles create an attractive uniform surface that completely eliminates the need for clumsy mats. Staticworx® esd vinyl tiles integrate well with our ESD carpet tile.

Staticworx® ESD tile can be installed over wood, concrete and access floors.

Well suited for:

  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, O.R.'s
  • Surface Mount and Wave Solder Areas
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suites
  • Anyplace with a potential for chemical spillage
  • Biotech manufacturing plants
  • Cleanrooms
  • Data Centers
  • IT/Telecommunications
  • Access Floor Environments

ESD Vinyl Tile Features:

  • Low outgassing emission.
  • Meets Class 10 cleanroom requirements.
  • Conforms to the requirement of NFPA 99 Standard for Health Care Facilities

A Cost-effective ESD Flooring:

Ameriworx ESD vinyl flooring contributes to LEED credits 4.1 and 4.2Staticworx® ESD Vinyl Tile is among the most economical flooring choices. Installed with Adhere MC, our conductive releasable adhesive, our ESD vinyl tile is easy to lay and can be placed directly over old tile or concrete. And because it does not require the use of wax or rejuvenators, it’s a snap to clean and maintain.

Our modular vinyl tiles are simple to install and remove, so repairing a damaged section or tile is inexpensive and easy. Staticworx® vinyl, placed in areas exposed to chemical spills or acids or in areas where pallet jacks are in use, pairs well with our ESD carpet tiles to create a look that's both practical and dynamic.


Its high vinyl content and high-pressure manufacturing process makes the Staticworx® vinyl floor both long-wearing and indention and abrasion resistant. The floor's smooth, non-porous surface has excellent chemical resistance.

Permanent Static Protection:

Our ESD vinyl tile meets all of the requirements of ANSI/ESD S.20.20. The static control properties of Staticworx® ESD Vinyl are permanent and, unlike some computer-grade antistatic carpets, independent of ambient humidity or temperature.


Staticworx® ESD Vinyl tile, available in attractive colors and graphics, will please the discerning eye of the most style-conscious architect.